The Original.  Rocco's 29th birthday party.  Little did we know we'd keep taking shots like this whenever we were together. - October 2010
 Suker's wedding.  This shot took us 3 takes, maybe more.  Just couldn't get the "0" quite right.  Nick has since mastered it. - January 2011 
  Moog's wedding.  Night before and the day of. Continuing to swap the order, but those are some sharp lookin' studs in seersucker!! - September 2011
Sushi Night @ 2 Giold St. - November 2011
Hey, I know that suit!  Looks like Moog's getting some good use out of it on Kentucky Derby Day. "Derby de Mayo" 2012 
   Rocco's bachelor party in Greenwood Lake, NY. - May 2012
 Rocco's bachelor party in Greenwood Lake, NY after "a few adult beverages". - May 2012  
Rocco's wedding in St. Louis.  Nick didn't fly in until the next morning, so a candle replaces his "0".  John was still shaking off the hangover the next day on the golf course. - June 2012  
We found Nicky and made the world right again.  Shortly after, Julie threw down my card on 12 car bombs for  whoever wanted them. - June 2012
A day later Rocco took the plunge - June 2012 
 Rocco decides to act like an adult and moves to Cos Cob, CT.  Moog seems to like that blue shirt. - July 2012
Nice little holiday party @ Casa De Rocco - December 2012
The boys down in Baltimore after my Dad passed away.  True friendship.  Them coming down a few weeks before this was even more special. - October 2013
A few Sunday football beers with the boys in Hoboken while Erin is in St. Louis and Julie is laying low. - December 2013
Moog housewarming in Hoboken, NJ + Baby Moog announcement - February 2014.